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    Prezzi per finestrelle e lastrine LookIR per termografia


    Listino prezzi in Euro con sconti di quantità per finestrelle LookIR in plastica speciale
    Product code  Product image

     Short product description

    Unit  price  Euros 

    Weeks to deliver
     xlk008   One plastic plate xlk008 (75 x 75 x 2 mm) 110.00 1
     xlk008d   Pack of 100 plates of xlk008 4000.00 6
     xlk008g   Pack of 200 plates of xlk008  6000.00 6
     Product code  Product image  Short product description  Unit  price Euros  Weeks to deliver
     xlk011   1 plastic window xlk011 150.00 1
     xlk011d   Pack of 100 windows xlk011   9'200.00 8
     xlk011k   Pack of 200 windows xlk011    16'000.00  8
    xlk012 1 plastic window xlk012 151.00 1


    Prices definition for EU countries Prices listed are considered DDP to European Community countries, inclusive of paperwork and packaging; Exceptshipping expenses, VAT and other local taxes, not included.
    Preferred shipment by courier. Customers in EC countries must supply - together with the order - the official Value Add Tax number and EORI number
    Prices for other countries To receive a quote for shipment and paperworks for shipment to other countries out of the European Community, please write to stating the quantities and product codes of desired items and the complete data, address and country of your company. If you have an agreement with a shipping agent, please supply ID-number of your account
    Delivery terms Actual delivery time is calculated from the receiving of your order and agreed payment. To the showed number of weeks for delivery you have to add the shipment time by courier to your country, and for custom times.
    Payment terms

    You can pay in advance to our company AXU by wire transfer.

    Warranty terms For defective materials - used in conditions as per specifications - not cutted or modified:
    12 months from shipment from Milan. After 12 months from delivery the warranty is lost. Shipping expenses and import/export taxes for substitution should be paid in advance by customer. 
    Country of supply AXU Snc can only deliver goods to the same country from where your payment is coming.
    Recycling These materials are RoHS compatible, recycling is recommended together with other plastic materials
    Technical information For technical details, brochure and technical informations in English, please visit the menu Documentation
    Quality certificates No quality certificates as per ISO9000 standard are available. LookIR product are "components", not electric parts
    Origin LookIR items are manufactured in Italy, our sub-suppliers are located in Italy
    Resellers Resellers are welcome; please send all your interesting data and your website URL to
    Cabinet manufacturers  We can discuss special sales conditions with cabinet manufacturers that will buy regularly a certain quantity of LookIR products each year. Please send all your interesting data and your website URL to






    To download or to look to documents, click on the following link: 

    Documents about LookIR windows  (in English)


    Documenti sui prodotti LookIR (in italiano) 

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