Square inspection windows LookIR for IR thermography and plastic panes for infrared inspections


Infrared panes for thermographic inspections in confined ambients without the need to open doors during thermography
Product code xlk011

Square plastic windows xlk011 show dimensions 96 x 96 mm suitable for standard square holes 92 x 92 mm for electric cabinets. Inside this square window there is one small pane (code xlk008), and therefore the useful area for thermography is 68 x 68 mm.

Protection degree is IP40. This window can be assembled and disassembled only from internal side. 
Almost all electricians know the advantages of use thermal imagers or infrared thermometers to check temperatures in plants, to evidence hot spots that can cause premature failures or burnings.  
Usually to make thermographic inspections into electric cabinet it is nenocessary to open their door, changing necessarily the true temperatures existing when doors are closed. Furthermore, direct inspections on cabinets switched-on can increase the risk of electrocution of thermographer and electricians that execute door opening and closing.
Instead, it is possible in some cases to switch-off the cabinet before making the thermography, but the process will be influenced in some way, and thermal images will be not enough reliable, due to the time spent between switch-off and execution of detailed thermography. When a process is switched-off, restarting is not always fast and surely the energy losses are increased v/s normal running without interruptions.

Panes LookIR model xlk011 were designed for an easy mounting on the front of electric cabinets, to offer the possibility to look to true temperatures during normal operation without the need to open the cabinet's door when attempting to scan internal components.

Depending from the size of the cabinet, and from the type and dimensions and distance of internal critical components, it should be necessary to install one to six windows on each cabinet.

Plastic windows LookIR are suitable for ambients where a strong mechanical protection is not requested. The thickness of semi-transparent panes is only two millimeters, this must be taken into consideration by designers that must check also the compatibility with local standards for that working ambient.

By sure these windows cannot be pressure-resistant in case of an internal explosion due to short circuit with plasma generation.    
The cost of these windows, that should be easily mounted using standard square holes 92x92 millimeters, shall be amortized with saving in working time of thermographers, with impressive reduced risk of electrocution and with the absence of officiousness in processes.   
Plasma arc flash is a destructive evenience that should occur in an electric cabinet, although very rarely. If the cabinet is open during thermographic inspection, the thermographer should be injuries also fatally. Using a plastic window to make inspections with closed doors, the explosion should be anyway too hazardous, but less riskly v/s an open door. In case that an arc flashing will generates during a thermographic inspection, there are no big differences in damages if infrared windows are crystal-type or plastic-type. It is well known that arc faults are unpredictable, and that a simple operation with a thermocamera when door are open can stimulate the activation of an arc fault.

Obviously, engineers must check if in the specific application there is the possibility to use these plastic panes, or if local standard obliges to choose a much expensive crystal window.
Plastic portholes xlk011 can open new field of application where classic crystal windows are unacceptable for high price. For example, plastic windows should be installed on busbars and trolleys, and on cheap cabinets and power transformers.

Personal protective equipments - like glasses, gloves and head protection - are strongly suggested to all thermographers that makes inspections on electric plants. Don't forgeet that sometimes some tools dropped on energized parts should make dangerous short-circuits.


Product code:xlk008

re-type panes 75x75 mm hightly transparent in the infrared range, to make temperature analysis without the need to open doors on the confined ambient. They can be used for example to execute a thermographic inspection on electric cabinets or on other equipments or machineries.

 finestrelle infrarosso

Product family code xlk100

Circular portholes in crystal and metal, applicable to electrical panels and other equipment, to allow the performance of thermographic surveys without having to open the container. The excellent infrared transparency allows not only subjective evaluations but also precise temperature measurements. At a wavelength of 300 nanometers, transparency reaches 94%. Thermal imaging cameras can be used for both low and high frequency ranges. Moreover the total transparency in the visible allows a quick visual control of the critical areas and facilitates the interpretation of the results, comparing the image from the thermal camera with the classic one.

These portholes can be supplied in two different sizes, 52 mm and 71 mm in diameter. They are produced in France and are widespread throughout the world. They have passed many tests and have obtained many certifications, also for electric arc sealing up to 63 kA, with internal overpressure up to about 80 Bar (when they are closed with a protection cover) and up to about 7 Bars (when the cover is removed). These windows can be used up to 70°C continuous with a temperature peak of 100°C.

For further technical and commercial information, write also specifying the request quantity to info@axu.it



Product code xlk007 (minimum order: 100 pieces)

Viewing circular plastic windows applicable to electrical panels or other equipment to enable the conduct of thermographic surveys without having to open the container. Highly transparent in the infrared range, which - applied to a confined environment - lead to carry out the survey inside the thermal confinement with no need to open it.
The bigger disk has a synthetic rubber guarnizione to make tenuta on the wall; mounting is easy, with 4 i nylon screws assembled from internal side.


At request (minimum order: 100 pieces) we can supply special windows with other dimensions, for example rectangular windows (codice xlk009).


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